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Solved: How to change the keyboard layout for Redhat Linux

Nowadays we work as global teams and with people speaking different languages.
Some times you may face a situation where the Linux OS is installed with preference to another language e.g. French.  The layout of french keyboard is different from that of US keyboard. Thus if you type  “A” in US keyboard it will actually print “Q” . (Here you can get images of french keyboard)
This can be very frustrating since you are already accustomed with the US keyboard layout.
To  get you out of this situation the easiest way is that once you login to the linux box. Run below command.
loadkeys us
This simple command will map the session with US keyboard layout. So now when you type “A” in your US layout keyboard it will be printed as “A” only. And this won’t change any langs in OS as it is mapped only to your session.
Do note that before you login you will still have to type userid and password in french layout only.  Command can obviously be executed only after you login. So the image link i shared above should be helpful in getting you through the login stage.
Hope this post helps you.