Solved: "Network error: Software caused connection abort"

Some time you may have noticed that your putty session is getting disconnected with error “Network error: Software caused connection abort”
This can happen because of time out setting on server or sometime due to firewall. To resolve this issue you will have to set a keep alive time for the session.
After you set a keep alive time putty will send a packet after the specified seconds to keep the session live.
Generally you can set it to 240 seconds i.e. 4 minutes. But at times you may have to keep it low. Like when I connect from my home laptop to my AWS EC2 instance I’ve to keep it at 2 secs.
To set it:
  • Open Putty.
  • Load the session for which you are facing timeout issue.
  • Click on Connection in the left pane .
Here we have set Seconds between keepalives to 2 . (refer image below)

  • Finally click on “Session” in left pane and save the session.
If you already have other saved sessions in putty you will have to repeat above steps for each of the saved session if needed.

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