Solved: Using filezilla for transferring files to AWS EC2 instances

Filezilla is a great free opensource tool for securely transferring files to and from Unix and Linux servers. Also, it’s secure in comparison  to doing ftp to a linux server.
If not already downloaded you can download filezilla from here .
By default you can enter user id and password  of destination server to connect to it on port 22.
But in case of AWS EC2 instances you don’t get password instead you use the ssh key to connect to it.
We will need .ppk key for this activity. If you have .pem key and not .ppk key refer this post to convert pem key to ppk key  .
Once you have the ppk key let’s move on.
Create new site in Filezilla
  • Click on File > Site Manager
  • In the left pane click on “New Site” and give a name to the site e.g. devserver
  • In the right window enter details as:-
Host:- Mention IP of server
Protocol:- SFTP
Logon type:- Key file
User:- ec2-user (or mention user name for which you uploaded ssh key)
Key file:- Browse and select  the ppk key file
  • Finally click OK.
Try connecting to the server. It should work now.

If you are not allowed to install a third party software please check this post to use SFTP for file transfer to EC2.

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