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Azure Crash Course - Web Apps

Azure is quickly adding services in it’s portfolio.
Three of the Azure services “Web Apps”, “Cloud Services” and “API Apps” provide services which are equivalent to AWS Elastic Benastalk.
In this article we will be discussing about Web Apps.
  • Web Apps is a PaaS offering of Azure.
  • Web Apps allows developers to quickly build, deploy and manage websites easily.
  • It provides you shared or dedicated virtual machines.
  • These are managed VMs so you don’t have to worry about hardware or patching.
  • Languages supported are ASP.NET, Node.js, Java, PHP, or Python. These are basically the languages which are supported by Azure App Service.
  • It supports Scaling up or Scaling out both.
  • It supports High Availability.
  • You can select application templates from Azure marketplace and deploy using Web Apps.  Some examples of supported templates are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.
Web Apps can be deployed in three ways:-
  1. Azure CLI
  2. Azure ARM Portal
  3. Visual Studio
For DevOps you can easily integrate Web Apps with GitHub, Bitbucket, or Visual Studio Team Services.
Web Apps has a great feature of Deployment Slots. So what is Deployment slots?
It allows you to validate the change first in Dev or UAT before pushing it in Production. By deploying a web app to a slot first and swapping it into production ensures that all instances of the slot are warmed up before being swapped into production. This eliminates cold start for your application.
It gives you flexibility to roll back.
You can also configure auto swap. When a deployment slot is configured for Auto Swap into production, every time you push your code update to that slot, App Service will automatically swap the app into production after it has already warmed up in the slot.
Pricing Plans:-
Web Apps supports different pricing plans.
  1. Free
  2. Shared
  3. Basic
  4. Standard
  5. Premium
Free and Shared Plans don’t have SLAs associated with them.  While the remaining three provide 99.95% SLA.
You can also buy custom domains and SSL certificate through Web Apps.
This article was written to give you quick snapshot of Web Apps.  You can follow this Azure Doc to check how to quickly deploy apps with Web Apps.
This series is created to give you quick snapshot of Azure services. You can check other services in this series over here .