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AWS Crash Course – VPC

In the last section we discussed about EC2.  In case you missed it you can check it here AWS Crash Course – EC2 .
In this section we will discuss about VPC.
What is VPC?
  • VPC is Virtual Private Cloud.
  • VPC is like your own private cloud inside the AWS public cloud.
  • You can decide the network range.
  • Your VPC is not shared with others.
  • You can launch instances in VPC and restrict inbound/outbound access to them.
  • You can leverage multiple layers of security, including security groups and network access control lists.
  • You can create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection between your corporate datacenter and your VPC.
Components of Amazon VPC:-
  • Subnet: A segment of a VPC’s IP address range this is basically the network range of IPs which you assign to your resource e.g. EC2.
  • Internet Gateway: If you want your instance in VPC to be able to access Public Internet, you create an internet gateway.
  • NAT Gateway: You can use a network address translation (NAT) gateway to enable instances in a private subnet to connect to the Internet or other AWS services, but prevent the Internet from initiating a connection with those instances.
  • Hardware VPN Connection: A hardware-based VPN connection between your Amazon VPC and your datacenter, home network, or co-location facility.
  • Virtual Private Gateway: A virtual private gateway is the VPN concentrator on the Amazon side of the VPN connection..
  • Customer Gateway: A customer gateway is a physical device or software application on your side of the VPN connection.
  • Router: Routers acts like a mediator for your sunets in VPC. It interconnect subnets and direct traffic between Internet gateways, virtual private gateways, NAT gateways, and subnets.
  • Peering Connection: A peering connection enables you to route traffic via private IP addresses between two peered VPCs. Peering connection is used to do VPC Peering by which you can establish connections/tunnel between two different VPCs.
VPC has few more components but to avoid confusion we will discuss about them in later sections.
This series is created to give you a quick snapshot of AWS technologies.  You can check about other AWS services in this series over here .