Solved: How to change from EFI to SMI label and vice-versa

In this post we will see how to change the disk label from EFI to SMI in a Solaris server.
Before you decide to change the disk label ensure that the disk doesn't have any important data. If needed take backup of the disk. As during label change all the data will be removed from the disk.
We will use "format -e" command to change the label on disk.
root@cldvds# format -e c0t6006023764A62A00C5H174886B5BC267d0

format> la
 [0] SMI Label
 [1] EFI Label
 Specify Label type[1]: 0
 Auto configuration via format.dat[no]?
 Auto configuration via generic SCSI-2[no]?

Geometry: 256 heads, 10 sectors 40960 cylinders result in 104857600 out of 104857600 blocks.
 Do you want to modify the device geometry[no]? yes
 format> p
The disk partition should now change from 0 to 9 slices(EFI) to 0 to 7 slices (SMI).
If you want to change from SMI to EFI you can follow the same steps and instead of choosing option 0 choose option 1.
That's all folks! Do comment if you have any concern or query!

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