Certified Scrum Master Sample Exam Questions

In our last post we have seen how to prepare for CSM exam and the efforts and  cost involved in it.
Below are some of the sample questions for CSM exam. You can get many such practice questions here .
Which of the following is a characteristic of a good Scrum Team?
A) Its members all have similar skills.
B) It waits for tasks to be assigned to it.
C) It seeks direction from the ScrumMaster.
D) It is self-organizing.
Answer D
Which of the following is a responsibility of the product owner?
A) Determine the team composition necessary for success
B) Determine the appropriate release dates
C) Determine the appropriate solution or approach for the product
D) Determine the length of the sprint
Answer B
Which technique might a ScrumMaster use to facilitate communication between the Development Team and the Product Owner?
A) Teach the Product Owner about the development processes employed by the Development Team during the Sprints.
B) Teach the Development Team to communicate in terms of business needs and objectives.
C) Facilitate collaborative meetings between the Development Team and the Product Owner.
D) All of these
Answer D
Q:”The CEO asks the Development Team to add a “very important” item to the current Sprint. What should the Development Team do?”
A) Add the item to the current Sprint without any adjustments.
B) Add the item to the current Sprint and drop an item of equal size.
C) Add the item to the next Sprint.
D) Inform the Product Owner so he/she can work with the CEO.
Answer D
What are the desirable qualities of a Product Vision?
A) Outlines traceability back to overall corporate governance in IT investment
B) Provides a complete breakdown structure of the ROI formula
C) Features a detailed overview that enlightens and inspires
D) Describes why the project is pursued and the product desired end state
Answer D
Above questions are taken from public internet and answers are based on our understanding. Please contact us if you have any query or concern.

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