Solved: How to change hostname in AWS EC2 instance of RHEL 7

In our last post we have seen how to change hostname of an RHEL server.
But if you are using the RHEL 7 AMI provided on AWS marketplace the steps will be slightly different.
First login to your EC2 instance. (Check this post to know How to login to AWS EC2 Linux instance.)
Once you login to your EC2 instance execute below command.
 sudo hostnamectl set-hostname --static cloudvedas
(Here “cloudvedas” is the new hostname.)
If you want to make it persistent across reboot follow further.
Now using vi or vim editor edit the file /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg
sudo vi /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg
At the end of file add the following line and save the file
preserve_hostname: true
Finally reboot the server
sudo reboot
Once the server is up, check the hostname.
ec2-user# hostname
It should now show you the new hostname.

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