How to create a security group in AWS?

In this tutorial we will create a security group which we will use further while creating our Redhshift Cluster.
  • Login to your AWS VPC Console .
  • In the left Navigation Pane select Security Groups .
  • Once in Security groups section click on Create Security Group .
  • Enter details as below:
Name tag: redshiftsgGroup name: redshiftsgDescription: resdshift security groupVPC: <Select your VPC or if you are not sure leave it as default>
  • Once details are filled Click on Yes, Create .
  • Now select the security group you just created.
  • In the bottom pane click on inbound rules.
Click Edit
Select Redshift in Type and Source . By this we are basically allowing all inbound traffic. You can also mention specific IP range in source.

Leave the outbound rule as “All traffic”
  • Finally click save.
Congrats!  You have successfully created a security group.

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