How to create a multi node redshift cluster?

In this tutorial we will see how to create a multi node Amazon Redshift  cluster. If you are new to Redshift refer to our AWS Crash Course – Redshift .
Pre-requisites :-
You will have to create an IAM role and Security Group for Redshift.
Refer How to create a Security Group and How to create an IAM role .
Once you have created the role and security group follow below steps:
  • Login to Amazon Redshift Console . For this  tutorial we will be launching cluster in US East region.
  • In the Dashboard click on Launch Cluster.
In the cluster details section fill in the details as below:-
Cluster identifier:- testdwDatabase name:- testdbMaster user name:- testuserMaster user password:- <your password>
  • In the node configuration section select details as in below screenshot:-
Note:-  We will be creating 2 node cluster so select multi-node.

  • Once done click continue.
  • In the additional configuration screen leave the top section as default (refer image below). Just change “VPC security groups” to “redshiftsg”and   “Available roles” to “redshiftrole” that we created earlier.

  • Click on Continue and Review everything. It will show you approximate cost of running this cluster but if you are using “free tier” you  may run it for free if you have not exhausted your  “free tier” limits.

  • Finally click on launch cluster.
If you have followed everything as in above tutorial your cluster will be ready in around 15 minutes.

Hope this tutorial was helpful to you. In the next post we will discuss how to load data in this cluster and query the data.

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