Solved : How to redirect non-www blogger custom domain to www with SSL

If you have added a custom domain to your blogger blog you may have noticed that when you access your domain like it works fine but if you try to access the naked domain like no www) it fails or gives SSL error. In this post we will show you how to fix this.

Before we proceed further ensure that you have followed all steps mentioned in google support page to setup a custom domainIf you are still facing issues check below settings:-

Setting 1

If your website is not accessible at all on URL you will get an error like check your internet connection or DNS error.

For this login to your your domain provider's website like GoDaddy or BigRock and go to DNS management> Forwarding section. There you will have to add a subdomain redirection like below we did in GoDaddy website.

After you save this go to setting 2 of adding google IPs in your DNS provider website if you have not done that already during initial custom domain setup of blog. Else wait for 30 minutes and try to access your site on naked domain like . If you are getting SSL error ensure that IP setting is done properly as described in Setting 2 below.

Setting 2

Another issue that you may face is that when you try to access you may get an SSL error while it works fine for .

In this case you will have to login to your your domain provider's website like GoDaddy or BigRock and add four DNS  A-records which point to Google IPs . Check example below and latest IPs can be found on blogger support site.

Once you have saved this setting wait for 30 minutes, after that you should be able to reach the site on non-www domain like without SSL error. To check that your domain is redirecting correctly now go to PageSpeed Insights and analyze both domains and

Setting 3

If you are still facing error login to your blogger blog and go to Settings > Basic . There in "Blog Address" section click on Edit and ensure that you have check marked on box which says "Redirect to"  .

That's all folks. Hope this helped you. Let's us know in comment section below if you have any query.

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