Solved: How to get Provisional Interest Certificate for housing loanfrom PNB (Punjab National Bank)

You can get the Provisional Interest Certificate from Punjab National bank both offline and online. Below we will discuss the process of both the methods.

Online method:-
You can get the Provisional Interest Certificate online. For this you will have to login to the internet banking of Punjab National bank. Below we will show you the steps involved.
  • Once you login to PNB internet banking. Click on Manage Accounts. Under the E-Interest Certificates select Housing Loan.

  • It will ask you to select the account number for which you need Provisional Interest Certificate. Once you select  the account you can either download or email the Provisional Interest Certificate.

Offline method:-
  • To get the Provisional Interest Certificate offline you will have to visit the branch from which your home loan is disbursed. But this can be a problem if you have shifted to another city.
  • If you cannot visit the branch, you can also try to get the certificate on mail. For this you will have to drop a mail to the email id of the branch from which you got loan. You may also have to make some follow-up calls. You can get the email id and contact number of branch from this link of PNB website. But, this may take time as some people in branch are not aware of this email facility and will simply tell you to visit the branch.
Best way to avoid any hassles is to follow online method discussed above.

Hope this helps. Do let us know if you have any query.

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