How to change punctured wheel of a car

Before your start replacing the punctured wheel get these things ready.
  • Jack and It’s handle
  • Spanner to unscrew
  • Good wheel (of course!)
Now let’s do it.
Step 1 :- Park the car on a flat ground.
Step 2 :- Put it in first or reverse gear and turn off the car so that it doesn’t move.
Step 3 :- Next step is to remove the wheel cap. Generally the wheel caps are not fixed with screws(check next step if it is fixed with screws). So try to slowly pull out  the cap from different points on cap. There will be one point where the cap will be loose and you can easily pull out the wheel cap from there.
Step 4 :- Some wheel caps may be fixed with the screws of wheel.  To loosen the screws, you will have to unscrew them in anticlockwise direction using a spanner. When you loosen the screws, unscrew the one’s opposite to each other first instead of side-by-side. Don’t remove the screws completely now. It will be done in next steps.
Step 5 :- Take a picture of the wheel which you want to replace. This will help if you have any confusion while putting the good wheel or screws back.
Step 6 :- Fix the jack below the car near the punctured wheel. Refer to the car manual if you don’t know how to use the Jack. Ensure that you don’t put jack below the plastic parts. It should be below the metal body of the car. Lift the car with jack using the jack handle only after you have slightly loosened the screws as the wheel may just keep on rolling if it’s already in air.
Step 7 :- Punctured tire should be in air now, approximately a centimeter above the ground. Once you have loosened and removed all the screws remove the punctured tire. The wheel may be tight so give it some strokes and try to pull it out. Be careful while pulling out  as the wheel can be heavier than you expect.
Step 8 :- Get the good wheel from the back of your car and put it in the place from where you removed the punctured wheel.
Step 9 :- Tighten up the screws just with hands to ensure that the wheel is fitted properly.
Step 10 :- Now wind the jack down to ensure car wheels are resting on ground.
Step 11 :- Tighten the screws with spanner using your hand first and later with foot to ensure its tightened properly.
Congrats you have successfully replaced a punctured wheel. That’s all folks!

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