Solved: How to reset the Master User Password of Redshift Cluster

In our last post we checked How to create a Redshift Cluster?
At times you may want to reset the password of the master user in DB of Redshift.
In this post we will see how to reset the password of  master user in Redshift cluster.
Note:- Ensure that you really want to change the password.  Changing the password in production can break apps which may have old password stored anywhere.
  • Go to Redshift console and click on cluster for which you want to reset the password. In our case it was “testdw” .
  • Once you are inside the cluster configuration click on the “Cluster” drop down and select “Modify”.
  • You will see the field “Master user password”.  Enter the new password in it.
  • Finally click “Modify” .
This will change the master user password. Try connecting to the cluster with the new password.

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