Max Hospital Gurgaon Review

Here I would like to share my experience at Max hospital Gurgaon.
We visited max first when we were looking for a good gynecologist.
We already met  two doctors in Gurgaon but didn’t find their response satisfactory. So while looking for another doctor one of my friend suggested Dr. Deepa Dewan who sits at max Gurgaon and also at her private clinic.
Our first experience with max was good. After taking the telephonic appointment we visited max. While i made the payment for doctor fees, one of the nurse took stats of my wife like weight, BP etc.  After waiting for around 15-20 mins we were seen by the doctor.
Regarding Dr. Dewan what i found good was that she patiently listen to your queries and  replies to them very calmly. She speaks to the point and straight. My wife was comfortable after discussion with her.
Dr. Dewan gave us her number so that we can whatsapp her if we have any doubt or in case of emergency we can call her.  This is very helpful and make you think that you are not on your own and doctor is available to help you anytime.

During the nine months of pregnancy we contacted her few times mostly through whatsapp and she always replied. Sometime bit late but the answer always came even at 2AM in night. But i recommend doing this only when you feel it’s important to contact her because she is also human being and have her personal life.
Because of the good experience with Dr Dewan we decided to go for delivery through Max Gurgaon.
We booked a single room in Max. After admission my wife was monitored full time and they were also monitoring the heart beat of baby. During night around 1AM one of the  nurse noticed that the heart beat of the baby has gone down and so she immediately contacted Dr. Dewan about the next steps. But within 15-20 mins Dr Dewan herself arrived to see my wife. I was happy to see that she came so quickly event at night.
After checking my wife she said that either we can wait for some more time for trying normal delivery or go for cesarean immediately. Since my wife was in lot of pain and heart beat of baby was bit low so we decided to go for cesarean. While my wife was shifted from room to OT all the preparation were done and within another 40-45 mins nurse and pediatrician Dr. Siddharth Gogia came out with our lil’ dude.
I was really happy to see our little bundle of joy. Dr Gogia took the baby to other room and measured his stats height weight etc.
After that nurse handed over the baby to us. After another 1 hour my wife was also shifted out of OT.
Dr. Dewan met us and told that both the baby and mother are doing good. Over the next two days nurses came on time to help in bathing the baby and helping my wife to feed the baby. Nurses at Max were very polite and helpful.
In those two days we were visited by lactation expert, nutrition expert and other doctors who advised on further care of both mother and baby.
Regarding the billing aspect since we booked a single room so it was anyways bit costly and with c-section the price went further up. While my company insurance cover upto Rs 60,000 for c-section i was told by the billing desk that my total bill will come around Rs 1,05,000. I called my insurance provider TPA UHCP and during our discussion about the cost TPA executive told me that the Max has tie up with GIPSA. And our insurance provider United India Insurance is one of the partner.
(To give you some idea about GIPSA, four public sector insurance companies have negotiated special package rates from many hospitals across India for a good number of procedures commonly undergone. Cashless facility for those procedures is available only in the GIPSA Network Hospitals.)
With this new gained knowledge i approached the billing desk again and inquired about GIPSA. Guy at the billing desk checked all our reports and found that our case can be considered under GIPSA category. Once we were considered under the GIPSA category the bill went down to Rs 55,000. So within few hours our settlement was done by the insurance company and we were on the way to home.
After around 15 days my wife got call from max and they said a nurse will visit us at our home to check the baby and my wife, and will answer to our queries. But by that time my wife moved from Gurgaon to my in-laws place at Noida. So the nurse was informed about it. She said that it’s not a problem and a nurse from Max Saket can visit us at Noida. I was very happy and surprised to listen this as you don’t expect such kind of service.  So, finally nurse from max visited my wife in Noida and very patiently replied to her queries.
We visited Max multiple times later also to meet the pediatrician Dr Himanshu Agarwal. Our experience with Dr. Agarwal is also good and he has also given us his number so that we can contact him in emergency.   He is very helpful and friendly, and like Dr. Dewan he is direct and speaks to the point.
Overall our experience at Max Hospital, Gurgaon is great. And I hope they continue to maintain that level of service.

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