How to close AWS Free Tier account before expiry

You have been using the AWS account from around last 1 year and now the free tier period is about to get over.  If you have created this account for only testing purpose and don’t want the resources in it anymore, than it’s best to close this account. 
Closing the account will save you from unexpected AWS bills for resources which you may have started in some region and forgot to stop/delete.
Here are simple steps on How to Close the AWS account.
  1. Go to your AWS Settings Page .
  2. Scroll Down to “Close Account”
  3. Tick on the check box.
  4. Click “Close Account”

    Once you click on “Close Account” you will get confirmation mail from AWS for account closure. If you have any unpaid bill for that month you will receive it as per your billing cycle.
    After clearing unpaid bill you should not get any bill from next month.

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