Most of the services provided by different cloud providers are same as what you do in on-premises setup, they just have a different name in cloud. Below is comparison of major services offered by different cloud providers and what they mean in simple laymen terms. Hope this is helpful to you.


Area AWS Service Azure  Service Openstack Service
Virtual servers EC2 Azure VM Nova Instance
Containers/Dockers ECS(EC2 Container Service) Azure Container Service Magnum
Scalability AWS Auto Scaling Azure AutoScaling Heat with Autoscaling
Load Balancing ELB(Elastic Load Balancer) Azure Load Balancer LBaaS
Object storage S3(Simple Storage Service) Block BLOB(Binary Large Objects) Swift
Block Storage EBS(Elastic Block Storage) Page BLOB Cinder
Shared file storage EFS(Elastic File System) Azure File Storage Manila
Identity Management IAM Azure Active Directory KeyStone
Archiving Glacier Azure Storage-Standard Cool Swift
Private Cloud in Public Cloud VPC(Virtual Private Cloud) VNET(Virtual network) Neutron
Image/Templates AMI(Amazon Machine Image) Azure VM Images Glance
DNS Management Route 53 Azure DNS/Traffic Manager Designate
Dedicated Network DirectConnect Express Route NA
Relational Database RDS SQL Database Trove
NoSQL DynamoDB CosmosDB Trove
In memory Caching ElastiCache Azure Redis NA
Data Warehouse Redshift SQL Data Warehouse Trove
Big Data EMR(Elastic Map Reduce) HDInsight Sahara
Email Simple Email Service (SES) Marketplace—Email NA
Messaging Simple Queue Service (SQS) Azure Queue Storage Zaqar
Serverless Lambda Web Jobs NA
Office Apps Amazon WorkDocs Office 365 NA
Job Orchestration AWS Batch Azure Batch Heat
Content delivery network(CDN) CloudFront Azure Content Delivery Network NA
Billing AWS Usage and Billing Report Azure Billing API Ceilometer
Key Manager KMS(Key Management Service ) Key Vault Barbican
Workflow Simple Workflow Service (SWF) Logic Apps Mistral
Managed Hosting Platform Elastic Beanstalk Web Apps Cloud Services API Apps None
Application Deployment with Scripts CodeDeploy Code Commit Code Pipeline Visual Studio Team Services None
Search Elasticsearch Service Elasticsearch Searchlight
Machine learning Machine Learning Machine Learning NA
Conversational user interfaces virtual personal assistant Alexa Cortana NA
Speech recognition Lex Bing Speech NA
Text to Speech Amazon Polly Bing Speech API NA
Internet of Things AWS IoT Azure IoT NA
App development Mobile HUB, Mobile SDK, Cognito Mobile Apps NA
Streaming Data Kinesis Event Hubs NA

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